Our full* lawn care program consists of 7 (seven) lawn treatments per year and 1 (one) biyearly soil sample.  However, you can add or remove any applications you wish in order to customize your lawn care program to meet you and your lawn's needs.

  • EARLY SPRING: custom blended pre and post emergent herbicide application to get a head start on warm-season weed control.

  • SPRING & LATE SPRING: two custom blended fertilizer application to help your lawn transition from winter to spring.

  • SUMMER & LATE SUMMER: two custom blended fertilizer applications with an insecticide to maintain a healthy lawn and help prevent insect damage.

  • FALL: custom blended fertilizer applications to help your lawn transition from summer to winter.

  • LATE FALL: custom blended pre and post emergent herbicide applications to get a head start on cool-season weed control.


Our full* shrub care program consists of 4 (four) treatments per year.  However, you can add or remove treatments to custom​size your shrub care program to meet you and your shrub's needs.

  • SPRING & FALL: fertilizer

  • LATE SPRING & LATE FALL: insect control


These services are NOT included in the normal lawn & shrub care program.  However, any of these services may be added to your service program and/or be used as a one time treatment.  Either option requires an additional fee.

  • Fungus Control

  • Fire Ant Control

  • Landscape Design

  • Bed Weed Control

  • Soil pH Correction

  • Soil & Plant Sample/Analysis


The success of your lawn and/or shrub care program depend on proper mowing, pruning, and watering



* Full service consists of receiving the amount of treatments stated for each plan which include re-sprays free of charge.  If at any time the number of treatments falls below the specified number, you are no longer considered a 'full service' customer and your re-sprays will no longer be free of charge.