Our full* lawn care program consists of 7 (seven) lawn treatments per year and 1 (one) biyearly soil sample.  However, you can add or remove any applications you wish in order to customize your lawn care program to meet you and your lawn's needs.

  • EARLY SPRING: custom blended pre and post emergent herbicide application to get a head start on warm-season weed control.

  • SPRING & LATE SPRING: two custom blended fertilizer application to help your lawn transition from winter to spring.

  • SUMMER & LATE SUMMER: two custom blended fertilizer applications with an insecticide to maintain a healthy lawn and help prevent insect damage.

  • FALL: custom blended fertilizer applications to help your lawn transition from summer to winter.

  • LATE FALL: custom blended pre and post emergent herbicide applications to get a head start on cool-season weed control.


Our full* shrub care program consists of 4 (four) treatments per year.  However, you can add or remove treatments to custom​size your shrub care program to meet you and your shrub's needs.

  • SPRING & FALL: fertilizer

  • LATE SPRING & LATE FALL: insect control


Our bed weed control service is the control of weeds within the plant beds.  We perform 7 bed weed control treatments per year and the treatments follow the same schedule as our lawn care service.  WFL cannot treat any weeds within the plant bed are growing too close to the base of a plant or up through the canopy of a plant for risk of damage to the plant.  This service also does not include resprays - meaning we will not return between treatments to re-treat any weed growth in the plant beds.  We do not recommend this service for most residential customers as sometimes the time span between our routine lawn care treatments may be anywhere from 30 - 45 days.  This service is suitable for plant beds, rock beds, driveways, walkways, or anywhere you do not want plant &/or weed growth (i.e. bare ground).




These services are NOT included in the normal lawn & shrub care program.  However, any of these services may be added to your service program and/or be used as a one time treatment.  Either option requires an additional fee.

  • Fungus Control

  • Fire Ant Control

  • Landscape Design

  • Soil pH Correction

  • Soil Sample/Analysis

  • Soil Nutrient Correction



The success of your lawn and/or shrub care program depend on proper mowing, pruning, and watering


* Full service consists of receiving the amount of treatments stated for each plan which include re-sprays free of charge.  If at any time the number of treatments falls below the specified number, you are no longer considered a 'full service' customer and your re-sprays will no longer be free of charge.